Vivarium can be defined as an area, usually enclosed, for keeping and raising animals or plants for observation or research. The ALPTEK team employs cutting edge Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools to create interactive, 3D room configurations and detailed equipment and animal capacity projections that permit research facilities to visualize their projects from new and improved vantage points.
Our experienced engineering team will provide you best solution through HVAC design and assure sustainable and precise air flow solutions for both animals and scientists.

As ALPTEK; We can do turnkey vivarium designs for you.

Vivarium Design Stage

1- Requirement/Concept Analysis: At the beginning of the design process, the needs of the organisms and users within the vivarium are identified. Area design is tailored to the user’s and organism’s usage scenarios. For instance, the user’s entry-exit scheme, areas of contact with organisms, spaces for experiments and research, as well as clean and dirty areas may vary depending on the project. This shapes the details of the design. Requirements are meticulously determined to ensure that the vivarium is user-friendly, functional, and meets the needs of the organisms. All these factors are thoroughly evaluated by our expert architects and engineers and integrated into the design process.

2- Design: Based on the identified needs, the overall concept of the vivarium is created. In this stage, the general layout, size, internal arrangement, and other fundamental elements of the design are determined. Simultaneously, designs are created for interior applications such as technical planning, material selection, air control, climate conditioning, and lighting in line with the values and standards required. Designs are made considering the necessary ISO standards to ensure the balances within the vivarium area.

3- Examination of Security and Ethical Principles: Vivarium design includes necessary safety measures to protect the organisms and users and preserve ethical standards.

4- Project Planning and Cost Calculation: After completing the design stages, drawings are initiated. In addition to detailed application drawings, mechanical and electrical projects are also processed. Drawings specify the devices and requirements to be used within the vivarium. Then, the construction cost of the drawn project is calculated.

5- Construction and Implementation: Following the approval of the design stages, the vivarium is constructed by expert teams in the field, and the designed systems are implemented. Additionally, the installation of devices to be used is closely monitored.

Each step is crucial to ensuring that the vivarium is constructed to meet the desired needs, in a safe, and ethically compliant manner. Furthermore, our company provides consultancy services for all these processes before any implementation is carried out.

‘’With excellent BMS systems you are able to real time monitoring of vivarium systems.’

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