ALPTEK aligns its activities with the principle of sustainability. With its commitment to quality, ecology, energy efficiency and safety, ALPTEK fulfills its responsibility towards the various interested parties and optimizes the conditions for customer satisfaction and long-term economic success.

As ALPTEK, we are responsible tı protect the nature. Part of that responsibility is in the dairy industry to operate more sustainably. For ALPTEK, doing business more sustainably means providing the company with the ecological, economic and social challenges in view to lead into the future.

Save the earth!

ALPTEK donates certain amout of its income to save the earth

Sustainable Production

ALPTEK’s endeavours to work economically with efficient and transparent processes involve the careful and sustainable use of environmental and energy resources. In order to achieve the goal of long-term optimisation, aspects of environmental protection, unnecessary environmental pollution and sustainable targeted use of resources are taken into consideration in as early as the strategic planning and development phases.

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