ALPTEK’s Code of Conduct contains a number of important guidelines of behavior and is intended to for a guide for all of ALPTEK’s business partners, customers and employees while dealing with ALPTEK’s daily business but also in strategic planning and decision-making processes. Where appropriate, ALPTEK’s Code of Conduct will be modified by local laws and standards.

Individual actions at work shape how the world and our partners perceives ALPTEK, which is why it’s so important that every employee takes responsibility for ALPTEK’s mission and acting ethically in all situations.


    Competition Law

    In our commercial relations with our customers, fair competition in our sector is a motivating factor for us. Before we share confidential information with our customers or business partners, we sign a confidentiality agreement with them and both parties accept the terms of this agreement and are responsible for their sanctions.

    Trading Controls

    Countries need to comply with restrictive and regulatory laws in their legal systems when dealing with institutions. These restrictions may be in the form of controls on the import and export of certain products; or may prohibit all transactions with certain people. In every country we want to do business, we are committed to abiding by these restrictions.

    Relations with Public Institutions

    Alptek was, will be, and will continue to be, in a transparent and legal manner, in accordance with the procedure requirements and guidelines of government agencies and officials.

    Fight Against Corruption

    Alptek does not allow bribery or corruption and does not tolerate it, regardless of any quantitative amount. Alptek does not offer or accept anything that has a bribe or value in order to receive or maintain business in its favor. This means that employees must also strictly adhere to this rule. Alptek will be, and will continue to be, in a transparent and legal manner, in accordance with the procedure requirements and guidelines of government agencies and officials.

    Working with Third Parties

    Alptek is responsible for the actions of the intermediary, consultant and other third parties. Our company does not use these third parties for any work that is not suitable for their own purposes. They may only be engaged in a business relationship if they have a legitimate business reason on the legal basis and their control over the past does not constitute a suspicion about their work.

    Alptek establishes honest and right relations with its customers, suppliers, top contractors and state purchasing institutions based on the principles of transparency, honesty and openness. Any third party representing Alptek must comply with Alptek's code of conduct.


    Alptek acknowledges that some of the gifts that may be considered as limited are used in the general media for the sustainability of business relations, but such gifts will never affect the processes related to decision making. The fact that the gift buyer is a civil servant is not accepted and prohibited at Alptek. The approval of the company rules and internal procedures as well as the approval of the department and the General Manager are mandatory for the acceptance or grant of any gift.

    Communication with Media

    The accuracy of all media communications made on behalf of Alptek is essential.


    Diversity and Participation

    Alptek treats its employees equally and offers equal opportunities. It values individuals who bring different abilities, skills and perspectives to the institution, and provides a participatory environment and equal opportunities for their development.

    Alptek treats all employees and job applicants with equal and fair respect and in no way discriminates against age, gender, disability, race, religion, politics or intellectual. This is a valid Alptek scheme in all processes, including recruitment, selection and promotion decisions.

    Global Labor Relations

    Alptek encourages constructive, fair and sustainable relations with a global workforce. Alptek employees are indispensable elements of Alptek's success. Alptek employees are in constructive business relations with the employees of our contractors and form fair working conditions. Basic working rights of employees are respected and a healthy, safe and safe working environment is provided.

    Respect People

    The value of the contribution of Alptek employees to the institution is realized and increased by the respect, trust and support that each employee expects from each other.

    Alptek employees believe in the power and synergy created by working together. Supporting the success of colleagues is one of the basic values of Alptek. Different opinions and different perspectives play an active role in making healthier decisions. Alptek values and respects different ideas, experiences and perspectives.

    Employees should be in open communication with each other. Executives also reward high performance and excellence; they are responsible for creating a business environment that stands out with their values such as justice, trust and respect. Alptek undertakes the obligation to respect and protect the individual rights of all employees, customers, suppliers and service providers

    Conflicts of Interest

    Alptek employees use all their time and attention during their working hours and use them to improve Alptek's business. They cannot work for any other purpose during these hours. In addition, without any prior written consent of Alptek, any external institution that may conflict with Alptek's employment or any interests of Alptek may not work, engage or engage in a partnership. The employment of a close friend or family member in a competitor, client or key supplier could create a potential conflict of interest and this should be explained.

    Data Protection

    Alptek informs its employees why it is necessary to collect their personal data. It uses this information solely for legitimate business purposes, safely and only as long as necessary.

    Reporting Violations

    If the employee discovers that ethical conduct or other policies of Alptek have been violated, the employee should inform the manager or human resources department.

    Such notices must be made in accordance with the law. People who have made a false / false statement about another person are deemed to have committed a crime.

    The Company shall not dismiss, discontinue, harass, or otherwise discriminate against employees who report such a violation, shall have a negative effect on their career. Alptek management will not allow any attempts to prevent employees from reporting such violations.

    Social Media Communication

    Alptek employees are responsible for the protection of the Alptek brand as well as the company partners. Our employees are our business partners. Since social media usage is public, the shares on the platform such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should be publicly disclosed and confidential information should not be disclosed. As long as it is not made by the company representative, the posts and comments on the social media should be made explicitly by expressing the personal opinions and not having the views of the company. All our employees should avoid damaging or degrading shares to our brand with the awareness that they represent the organization in their shares related to the organization.

    Organizational Citizenship

    Alptek employees within the manager and all other units to do their duties internally, meticulous and punctuality to be careful, to follow the rules without supervision and supervision, to help other colleagues voluntarily, other tasks other than the role of willingness to play a role, the organization and school to solve problems contribute to the behavior of not contributing to gossip and not revealing the secrets of the institution. Besides, it should accept the benefits, expectations and benefits of the colleagues and Alptek as voluntary behavior.

    Organizational Justice

    Alptek undertakes to act as a distributional, procedural and interactive fair for employees and behaves in this way.

    Issues such as working conditions, awards, penalties and promotions are conducted in a fair manner.

    Procedures and policies used in the determination and measurement of wages, promotions, working conditions and performance valuations shall be established and adhered to in a fair manner by all employees.

    The behaviors and attitudes of executives during the acceptance and implementation of the procedures by the employees are fair to all employees; Alptek management undertakes and implements this.

    Administrator Functions and Roles

    Planning- Identifying and defining the objectives of our company, forming strategies, making plans to coordinate various activities.

    Organizing - Alptek managers are also responsible for the structure of the organization. What kind of work will be done, who will do them, how things will be grouped, who will report to whom and where the decisions will be taken, organizes them.

    Leadership - Alptek executives direct and coordinate the employees with the basic consciousness that each institution consists of people and follows the processes in detail.

    Control - Observes the activities within the organization, follows the continuation of the activities as planned, intervenes in works that do not go smoothly or successfully, puts the works on the right axis.

    Interpersonal Role- In Alptek, there are roles for presiding workshops, introducing the institution, organizing relations with other companies, hiring, training, punishing and motivating.

    Role of Information- collecting information from other companies, reading new journals and articles, updating information, communicating information to employees within the organization and outside representation of the institution.

    The role of the decision-maker - The decision-making paradigm has a decisive role in the decision-making phase of the institution.


    In order to maintain the trust and respect of our shareholders, employees, business partners, society and public authorities, our financial statements should always be accurate and reflect the truth. For this reason, we control and publish the financial reports in accordance with the principles of transparency and the compliance with laws and accounting standards with reliable and honest principles.

    Each of our employees is responsible for all records in their fields. This means that records are accurate, complete, processed, stored and destroyed in accordance with our law and internal policies and procedures.

    All records and reports to institutions other than Alptek shall be issued on time and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

    Alptek's financial transactions, accounting records and cash flows are accurately and accurately recorded in accordance with the applicable laws and internationally accepted accounting principles and are fully and accurately shown in the company's accounting records and documents issued to third parties. Company activities are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in each country of activity.


    All of our employees are responsible for protecting the material and intangible assets of Alptek within their scope of activity. Physical or material assets include our products, fixtures, motor vehicles, software, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, credit cards, files and other kinds of records. Documents developed by the employees or employees of Alptek, which are not disclosed to the public (for example trade secrets, know-how, industrial property rights, technologies, projects, technical drawings, tender files and other valuable, important and therefore necessary information to be protected). There. The information provided by suppliers, customers and other business partners should also be protected.


    Alptek management undertakes to spend maximum effort to provide a safe and healthy working environment for field and office workers in order to minimize the possibility of occupational accidents due to health problems, occupational diseases, injuries and work related diseases that may occur due to the working environment. Employees also undertake to comply strictly with occupational health and safety rules.

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