With its extensive laboratory and international project management experience spanning many years, ALPTEK, established in 2006, has successfully undertaken numerous turnkey laboratory installation projects both in Turkey and internationally. Our goal is to execute turnkey laboratory installations from project to implementation, offering the most contemporary and scientific solutions in laboratory systems and technologies to various industrial sectors (such as chemistry, food, pharmaceuticals, microbiology, automotive, etc.) and scientific research laboratories. Alptek designs and implements laboratory projects in compliance with laboratory accreditation requirements, encompassing analysis devices, analysis methods, all necessary equipment, as well as the entire laboratory infrastructure and systems. With its expert team, Alptek provides effective solutions from the project design phase to installation, and subsequently offers training and technical support.

What Do We Offer



ALPTEK was established in 2006 on the experience of international laboratory establishment, management and administration. Our aim was to provide world-classengineering services for laboratory establishment. In addition, we were aiming to establish laboratories in all aspects from A to Z.

2006 - 2008

ALPTEK mostly provided consultancy services and delivered international projects between those years.


Laboratory furniture and systems department was established and we started to produce our own designs.


We opened up to the international markets and started to provide consultancy services to various projects in CIS and Middle East.


Our Engineering and Contracting group was established. We began to provide MEP, architectural project design and contracting services for laboratory and research center installations.


We started to provide engineering and contracting services to extensive projects such as hospital establishment.


Holistic Approach

ALPTEK brings together comprehensive engineering, technology, and solution partnerships to deliver services that surpass industry standards. From architectural, mechanical, and electrical systems to laboratory furniture solutions, it pioneers the establishment of scientific and industrial infrastructures across a broad spectrum of expertise. Since its inception, it has remained steadfast in its commitment to developing sustainable, effective, and innovative solutions, representing its brand strongly with a leading position and holistic approach in the industry.

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