NMReady 60PRO-alptek1

The NMReady-60PRO ıs the next generatıon of

compact NMR spectrometers from Nanalysıs.

Multinuclear Capabilities

The NMReady-60PRO can be tuned to acquire spectra for two conventional spin active nuclei, as is requested. This is mean to enhance the utility for characterizing a broad range of natural and synthetic products.

Currently, the instrument’s supported nuclei are: 1H (60 MHz), 7Li (24 MHz), 11B (19 MHz), 13C (15 MHz), 19F (56 MHz), and 31P (25 MHz), inquire about others.

Optional Features

  • Kinetics package capabilities for reaction monitoring
  • Signal suppression
  • Experiment designer
  • Applications Programmatic Interface (API) for developing your own applications.
  • Remote control of instrument from computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • Non-deuterium lock options
  • Secure login and user profiles with custom project settings