Animal research facilities (Vivarium) have a very important place in biomedical research. A vivarium is designed according to physical space, maintenance routines and employee habits. Reduced operating costs are given particular importance that are using energy efficiency principles. Vivarium; Thanks to its architectural and engineering solutions, prevents the entry of pollutants, the spread of epidemics and smells. 

It has systems that regulate the flow of animals, consumables and waste in a controlled way. Materials that can withstand ambient conditions and conform hygiene criteria should be selected.

The automation system, HVAC system and electrical installation in the animal breeding / storage rooms; where the laboratory personnel can continuously control and adjust the ambient conditions (heat, humidity and light), must be designed with the determined scenarios that belong to these systems.

Thanks to the solutions created during design process, it is ensured that experimental animals can be monitored 24 hours and intervened instantaneously. In investigations on animals, ALPTEK provides a high level of awareness with the scenarios and definitions between card access systems and building automation to prevent unauthorized access to facilities privacy and security.

In the vivarium it is essential to design the quarantine chambers, procedure rooms, intensive care rooms, animal preparation rooms, operating rooms, warehouses and waste disposal systems according to the international standards for sustainability and validation. Materials used in the vivarium should provide Clean Room Standards.

Cages that are necessary elements for the animals’ habitats; IVC Cages – Large Animal Cages IVC (Individually Ventilated Cages) cages; are being used for the storage of rodent animals. These cages are connected to the ventilation system to prevent smell from diffusing through the other animals’ and the environment.

Feeding of animals is also provided by an automated system in IVC cages.

LARGE ANIMAL HOUSING; These cages, also known as the habitats of large animals, are stainless steel truss systems. These cages are used for storage of primates, rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs.

In this context ALPTEK provides Consultancy, Projecting and Contracting Services about; Architectural Design, Air Flow Strategies, HVAC Integration, Room Capacity Planning, Ergonomic Planning, General Technical Support, Establishment of Automation System with its expert staff.