Clean Rooms are hygienic private rooms with conditioned and manageable ventilation systems. 

In construction it is needed to control the parameters of pressure, air flow directions, live and inanimate pollutants, temperature and humidity. The aim in temperature and humidity control; to provide a comfortable environment for people working in clean rooms, except for the special conditions occur from the working process. It is necessary to keep comfort conditions at a very high level so that people working in special clothes in clean rooms do not produce more pollutants. 

Performance of Clean Rooms depends on the concentration of particles in the room. To obtain the desired degree of pollution, it is important that the quality of the materials and application teams to be used in the design are quite high, as well as the quality of the test, measurement and calibration to be done during and after the application phase.

In Clean Room panels (HPL / High-pressure laminates) laminates that have both sides at least 2 mm thickness pressed with high pressure is used and the inner insulation is made from EPS (30 densities) material. Partition panels are manufactured with a resistance of +/- 100 Pa.

Clean rooms consist of materials that are hygienic and impermeable, flat and easily cleanable, with smooth surface, conforming to TSE and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. 

Airlock is the small room containing two-door, hepa filters and fresh air blown.

Unless one door is closed the other one won’t open; this system is to keep pressure balance value of the other rooms stable. It is necessary to use Airlock to ensure that clean room entries can be made according to this rule.

Pass box systems operating with the same principle are used for the material inputs. The designs of clean rooms are classified according to ISO 14644-1 clean room standard. 

In this context ALPTEK provides ventilation and automation scenarios, consultancy, projecting and contracting services in accordance with ISO 14644 Clean Room Standards according to customer requirements; with the expert staff in the construction and validation of architectural solutions.